This is Too Easy….

Sometimes the anti-Vegas spin of the media is so blatant, it’s laughable. Here’s a big ol’ nasty article prompted by a NAR release. Says sales dipped 1 percent last month:

Sales of previously owned homes, which make up the bulk of the housing market, dipped 1 percent last month to a annual rate of 4.89 million. That figure, which was slightly more than expected, represents yet another record low, although the report, put out by the private National Association of Realtors, only dates to 1999.

Only one problem: this number is an average across the country. What does the NAR have to say about the West?

The report divides sales figures into four general regions of the country. According to the Realtors, April sales dropped 6 percent in the Midwest and 4.4 percent in the Northeast, but rose 6.4 percent in the West. Sales stayed steady in the South.

Special Tip O’The Hat to the Times for managing to bury the good news in the second to last sentence in the entire article.

Full Article Here.

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