Vegas Goes One Way While The Rest Of The Country Goes Another

I’ve been frothing quite a bit about how important it is that Las Vegas sales are up month over month, compared to 2007. It’s important because most of the country is heading in the opposite direction, selling fewer houses than in 2007. Look at how different things are over in Southern California:

AP Business Writer


Sales volumes for the region climbed about 8 percent from April but were down nearly 15 percent from May 2007.

In all, 16,917 new and preowned homes were sold in May, down from 19,874 in the same month last year, the firm said.

Only in a few other parts of the country are sales higher now than a year ago, and they’re all places where the downturn has been harshest, such as Sacramento. Here’s a report from Sacramento.

One Response to Vegas Goes One Way While The Rest Of The Country Goes Another

  1. Terri White says:

    Happy to have someone report some good news about the local real estate market! The media, especially the Review Journal, seems to think that only gloom and doom sells! Those of us who have experienced the changes in our market over the past 10-15 years know that Las Vegas has its own unique economy and we always recover faster than other areas of the country. If all of us circulated good news, good news would follow.
    Thanks for your efforts!
    Terri White
    Las Vegas Properties

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