Boom! Record Month in June!

I have to admit I was sweating it the last week. Could June sales actually surpass May’s results? May is a much stronger sales month in Las Vegas than June, with better weather, an extra day, and no summer distractions. As of a week ago, my froth was somewhat diminished as it looked like sales might fall short of May.

But Behold! 2,534 closed sales in Las Vegas in June! Narrowly surpassing the 2,519 from May. This data provides strong support for Frothing Developer’s core argument: Las Vegas recovery is in full gear.


4 Responses to Boom! Record Month in June!

  1. rob says:

    What does “record month in June” mean exactly? Is it the highest recorded sales since May 2008?

  2. Demetrio says:

    Great site! Very helpful information for us Realtors who know the market is turning. Rob, to answer your question, the June sales number is the highest number of monthly sales we’ve had in Las Vegas since August of 2006.

    This also marks the third month in a row that sales have been higher than the corresponding months of 2007. (In other words, we had more sales in April 2008 vs April 2007; May 2008 vs May 2007 and now June 2008 vs June 2007. I’m eagerly anticipating July’s number as it is looking very possible that July could have a higher number of sales than not only July 2007 but also July 2006!

  3. Bill says:

    If you take out the closings from Palms Place and Trump tower the numbers actually had a decline. The big boom will come when the city center completes since those units have high deposits and people using much stronger foreign currency to purchase.


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