More on Las Vegas Airline "Cutbacks"

Frothing Developer is writing this post from foggy San Francisco, where he is just booking his return flight to Las Vegas.

In the process, he came across more Doom and Gloom about the air service “crisis”.

In particular, there’s a lot of talk of US Air’s big cutbacks in places like this morning LVRJ.

A major portion of the cuts will come from connecting flights operated by US Airways and others. Phoenix-based US Airways plans to trim Las Vegas service by 20 percent beginning in August.

No doubt, then,  Frothing Developer will find few flights to Las Vegas, and those only at high prices.


Let’s see:



Hmm. Multiple $70 nonstop flights on brand new airplanes with free in-seat television and  movies on-demand. At almost a third the price of the heavily unionized, obsolete US Airways.

I guess the Virgins haven’t gotten the word.

For more on why US Air’s cutbacks are more about US Air than about Las Vegas, look here.


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