Wynn Hiring Wave Spreads to So Cal

As head of marketing at Gemstone I’m keenly attuned to marketing messages, particularly those having to do with Las Vegas. Not much gets by me, particularly when it’s a 1000 foot high message floating above my head at 10,000 feet.  I was in Newport Beach this weekend when I snapped this picture: 

“If I had to guess,” I said to the people next to me at the pool, “that’s for Wynn Resorts’ new hotel/casino, Encore.”   They were more than a little skeptical that Wynn would be going to all that effort to recruit all the way in Newport Beach for a few job openings. But when I explained that Encore was hiring for 5,300 new positions, that 125,000 new jobs were being created in the next two years, and that I myself had been recruited out of Newport Beach, they started to get it. 

The fact that even in a “slow” job market Wynn is using skywriting in California to advertise for jobs gives you some idea what’s about to start happening here.  There are simply not enough qualified, available employees here in Vegas to fill even these first jobs of the hiring wave.   Wynn, City Center, Echelon, etc. are all going to have to start bringing in large numbers of employees from out of state.

It’s a simple equation: More jobs = more new residents = more housing demand.   Encore is just the start of what’s going to be a very, very big wave.

-Frothing Mark


5 Responses to Wynn Hiring Wave Spreads to So Cal

  1. Nancie Homel says:

    I grew up in Newport and recommend YOU STAY IN NEWPORT!!!!!!!! Steve Wynn will not care about you in the the end!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I was at Tamarack State Beach in Carlsbad last weekend and saw the same skywriting.

  3. frothingdeveloper says:

    Thanks Nate- I figured they’d bought a message package for the area. Nice to know they’re covering the area that widely (Carlsbad is about 45-60 minutes from Newport Beach for those who don’t know the area).

    Nancie- I hear you, but it’s a little late. I moved to Las Vegas more than two years ago to work with Alex, the FrothingDeveloper himself, at Gemstone Development. I still have a place in Newport to get away to though, so it’s really the best of both worlds.

  4. “It’s a simple equation: More jobs = more new residents = more housing demand. Encore is just the start of what’s going to be a very, very big wave.”


  5. Paul says:

    About 7 years ago I was in Las Vegas job hunting, and found going to the casino employment centers a negative experience. I hold a college degree, experience, and most of the time I wasn’t allowed to apply for jobs because I didn’t meet the specific job requirements. I only had one or two interviews over several months. Overall after living in Las Vegas, found that a lot of people with college degrees are not really needed in the service industry. Also the wage scale wasn’t that much better than elsewhere for similar type jobs. I just think Las Vegas has over sold itself. I also applied to work for several builders, KB was the only builder that contacted me, but the pre employment interview test indicated I had an independent personality. Oh well Vegas missed out on hiring some great talent.

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