Home Sales Up Again in the West

Just like last month, pending sales fell in the rest of the country, prompting headlines like “Home Sales Fell More Than Expected”. However, once again, sales were up in the West:

Sales slowed to an annual rate of 4.86 million, adjusted for seasonal variables. That follows a 2 percent increase in May. Total sales are 15.5 percent below their level in June 2007.

Only the West had higher sales, reporting a 1 percent increase. Sales declined 6.6 percent in the Northeast, 3.4 percent in the Midwest and 3.1 percent in the South

2 Responses to Home Sales Up Again in the West

  1. JoLynn Kolk says:

    Information received from Crystal Ball yesterday says that yes, our sells are up but that is do to the forclosures not new home sales. is this correct?

  2. frothingdeveloper says:

    Yes, foreclosures are having a significant impact on sales volumes.

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