About Alex

Alex Edelstein is a developer in Las Vegas, responsible for the successful Manhattan and ManhattanWest projects. He’s frothing at the mouth right now, most likely, on some sort of mission. See his work at www.manhattanwest.com and www.groupgemstone.com . See his personal site at www.edelstein.org.


14 Responses to About Alex

  1. Excellent website…..You said a mouth full even if you are frothing while doing it!!!

    Right on!!!!!

    Julia 🙂

  2. Excellent website…..You said a mouth full even if you are frothing while doing it!!!

    Right on!!!!!

    Julia 🙂

  3. Corey Teramana says:

    Wonderful Las Vegas Real Estate………. The best place to be. We’re not alone, the markets great and getting better, more and more are understanding. I’m excited that everyones’ finally looking at the facts and figures that make us the most unique city in the states………………LAS VEGAS….Here to stay, Eager to grow, one like mind-person, profitable home, building, and community at a time!

  4. vegasagent says:

    Way to go, Alex! I agree totally. We have a very healthy economy here in Southern Nevada, and, no matter what the media and so called “experts” say, we are always historically the first to pull out of any national recession.

  5. KAREN WOLF says:

    Hi Alex,
    So nice to hear from you again! I met you at the party for Manhatten West and Madelyn my daughter met you and we had a wonderful evening! Hope the sales are going good and hope to get over there this summer!!! Thanks so much for the update!

    Karen Wolf

  6. KAREN WOLF says:

    Thanks Alex- Need some good news! Hope to see you this summer!

  7. Kensei says:

    As always there are two ways to look at things – and the major media outlets are always looking at it from the “glass is half empty” side of things – nothing like a crisis or disaster to sell news papers.

    Thankfully – there are web sites like this, and folks like you out there say WAIT A MINUTE – there is another way to look at things and here is why.

    Thanks and keep spreading the good news!

  8. Alex,
    Wonderful writing with clever angles. I look forward to reading more of your work and directing readers of my website to yours. (A News aggregate contributed to by local top agents http://www.TheLasVegasRealEstateBlog.com)

    I hope to post an announcement of your blog soon.

    Great stuff & keep up the good work.

    Professional Regards,

  9. Ashley Grimes says:

    Awesome interview. Awesome website. Your insight is so dead on it is frightening !

  10. David Grosh says:

    I’ve been tracking the Las Vegas real estate market for quite some time. If you’re not excited now, you never will be. NOW IS THE TIME!! I’m glad someone sees things the way I do. See you at Elixir. Thanks Alex!

  11. Brian says:

    Alex, you cannot have it both ways, when the media reports negative news you state “you cannot believe anything the media reports” BUT when the news is positive you flaunt all their reports basically saying see ‘I told you so, I told you the market is in full recovery!!’ your blog is nothing less than crazy propaganda imitating a high school pep rally.

  12. frothingdeveloper says:

    We don’t claim that “you cannot believe anything the media reports”. Most of what the media reports is accurate. Much of it, however, is presented in a biased way, because bad news sells better than good news. We unabashedly will continue to selectively pick out the positive news and highlight the mistakes in the negative reporting. We’re not journalists here. We’re rabid optimists. If you don’t like it, don’t worry: you’ve got a lot of negative journalism you can choose from on other sites like “Housing Doom”, “Housing Apocalypse” and “Housing Armageddon.com”. Cheers.

  13. Lee Traupel says:

    Hi Alex,

    Your market analysis is similar to what we are telling our clients and Blogging about. The National Media doesn’t “think local” – they just look out across the country and “see national” problems with a “chicken little” mentality that doesn’t recognize what is occurring in Las Vegas. We agree with most of what you are telling your audience and will point to your Blog from ours. Keep up the good work…….

  14. Mark Johnson says:

    I found your site several months go and I am hooked! I can’t go a day without checking out your latest insight into our market place. Like you, I am bullish on Vegas! Keep it up.

    PS Nice project at Manhattan West!

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